About Us

The Jazz Dance Social Club is a group of friends who seek to bring together enthusiastic dancers from a wide variety of home-scenes in the greater Philadelphia area for the purposes of exploring jazz dance creativity, fostering healthy and frequent practice opportunities, exposing vintage jazz dance to the wider dance-muggle community, sharing experience and knowledge freely amongst a broad array of dance styles and skill-sets, and encouraging sustained growth of the greater area’s dance ability. We wish to empower swing dancers of all scenes to take their continued learning into their own hands, and share the tools we’ve acquired over combined decades of dancing.

The Jazz Dance Social Club hopes that by creating a non-scene-denominational community we might strengthen the social tethers which conjoin all of our local area dance scenes together. In strengthening those bonds and encouraging dancers to elevate themselves beyond what is standardly offered at the various dance scenes, we hope that all may benefit.

As the Jazz Dance Social Club is an organization focused upon vintage jazz dance styles developed and danced to syncopated (and closely related) music styles, the scope of event types it wishes to cover are limited to those primarily focusing upon: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa and Balswing, Solo Jazz, and Jitterbug (sometimes referred to as six-count swing or East Coast Swing). This precludes inclusion of dance events unrelated to vintage syncopated jazz music styles (despite the inclusion of the word ‘swing’ in some of these styles’ names) such as WCS or West Coast Swing, Country Swing, Blues, and Fusion. These dance styles are great! They simply don’t fall within our purview.

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