Swing dancers in fancy shoes on a antique hardwood floor

About Us

The Jazz Dance Social Club is a group of friends who seek to bring together enthusiastic dancers from a wide variety of home-scenes in the greater Philadelphia area for the purposes of exploring jazz dance creativity, fostering healthy and frequent practice opportunities, exposing vintage jazz dance to the wider dance-muggle community…[MORE]

Where’s the scene?

At some point we recognized how much of a raging garbage fire the Facebook event algorithm had become. Figuring out where the local dances happen to be should never be a chore. #WheresTheScene was borne out of our desire to make it easier to make the scene. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a daily listing. [LEARN MORE]

Phoenixville Swing Dances

Jazz Dance Social Club also hosts a pair of monthly dances in that hoppin’ suburban destination: Phoenixville. The Balboa Lounge occurs every 1st Tuesday at The Great American Pub, while the Stompin’ Swing Out is held every 3rd Tuesday in the lounge at Phoenix Village. #SwingDancePXV [MORE]

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